Varsity Jacket Request a Quote

Our High School Varsity Jackets are a standardized design specific  to each school. Variances in sleeves, collars, trim and in the lettering and graphic details make each schools jacket stand apart from the others.

Regardless of the design, all our jackets are of the highest quality materials and construction designed to give years of service.  A Wool Varsity Jacket can indeed become a heirloom item that is passed down through your family.  Each jacket features a body of 24 oz. Melton Wool. Melton wool is thick with a smooth surface; napped and very closely sheared with a finishing processes that completely conceals the weave. Many of the designs feature genuine leather sleeves and pocket welts, and/or leather shoulder overlays. Full-snap fronts,  High quality rib-trim collar, cuffs, and bottom hem, and easy-entry front pockets are just some of the features.

A wide array of customization is available for those that want their jacket to be a unique statement of their high school pride and achievement.  

Please fill out the information requested below, and one of our sales representatives will be in contact to start you on your journey to getting a Varsity Jacket that is right for you!

Typical Front Lettering / Graphics are specified by each school's jacket design. Use this field to enter the Student's Name, Number, and or Graduation Year as appropriate for their school.
Typical Back Lettering is a school specific design, which usually includes the School Name, Varsity Letters if applicable, and sports and activities. Use this field to list that information.